Monday, August 3, 2015

Water - Brian Crain

To download, just click the link below and click on the download button.


Click to Download: Water by Brian Crain 


web lol said...

kul post

Chloe Wellington said...


I just discovered your website today, and I am so excited to download this music. I started, or rather restarted piano this past summer. And I am teaching myself. I studied violin in the past, and have been teaching myself accordion for the past year - and getting pretty good. I actually, started up piano again because I wanted to get better at reading music quickly. And I was sort of STUCK in my accordion progress. I have discovered I have a really good ear, and I learn pieces quite quickly when I have them already in my ear ... so your website is particularly helpful because I can listen to the piece and play it better. Soooooo .... excited. I want to THANK you for all the work you have put into the site. And as a fellow blogger - I admire your years of dedication! I am pushing myself to be as consistent as you!

If you ever have time, I was wondering, do you have any tips for improving my site-reading in relation to rhythm?


Avery Lilliard said...


Chloe Wellington said...

The people who seek attention by being negative, unfortunately don't have anything better to give to the world. Pity, there is nothing special about negativity ;/

Eric said...

thank you for sharing the music sheet

Nadee said...

Found this amazing. Thank you for the upload. Keep it up!