Saturday, September 22, 2012

Passenger - One Republic

A Beautiful song by One republic(one of my favourite bands) from their 'waking up' album. . A rare music sheet to come by..But as always, free of charge for you....

To download, just click the link below and right click on the piano sheet.Then select save as and save the file where u want.

Download: Passenger - One Republic


And she Livs said...

You are amazing.

Let me just speak for all the little and big people alike.

I have never come across a piano-sheet blog with this much awesomeness and up-to-date stuff as this one, and I want to thank you from the very bottom of my little heart.


(LOVE Einaudi. If you have anything more from him, will you please, please post it? Thank you for the ones already posted!)

P.s. I am officially a loyal follower.

Tharindu Malinda Weerasena said...

to Olivia - Thank you so much for your lovely comments.I'm so happy that you find my blog useful.
I'll post more sheets from Einaudi soon..

Anonymous said...

This is great! I love your blog so much! Do you think you could add anything by Phamie Gow? war song or Rackwick Bay?

Anonymous said...


Thank you so so so much!

Eric said...

Really appreciate your work on this. THank you!!!

Anonymous said...

i want the sheets so badly but it wont work for me.... says the file has been moved or no longer exists in the location. :((

Anonymous said...

No longer up :( Can you re-upload?